Kirby Shaw
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Moments In Time
a sunrise person warm yellow lights shining out and shining in drawing music with a gentle hand and smile from several many people in several many places believing in what needs to be believed understanding what needs to be understood creating songs in the right keys in tune with more than themselves loving music as much as it loves him (Poem for Kirby Shaw written by Karen D'Attilo)
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"Kirby, everyone loves working on your projects.  The days can be long and exhausting, but everyone always leaves exhilarated and in awe." Umbrella Media Recording Studio Chatsworth, CA "Dear Kirby, It was great working together.  I think your writing, conducting, and good taste are a joy in this plastic (at times) world of music.  Thanks Again, Ed (Shaughnessy)"
“Your arrangements are really first class and sound eminently singable.” Ward Swingle, founder of the Swingle Singers
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